Legal and Safety

The entire staff of Wyga Construction is committed to safety. All our employees, from Project Managers to newly hired apprentices, receive extensive training. From WHIMS to working with aerial personnel lifts, our workers have the education and skills to complete any project safely. Wyga maintains a complete health and safety policy and is in full compliance with the Ministry of Labour. Every reasonable precaution will be taken to protect any person who is on a Wyga work site from any potential hazards. From workers to owners to the casual passerby, you can be assured your project will be, first and foremost, safe.

Wyga also strives to build your trust from your project’s conception to completion. We hire only the best local sub trades, and ensure for you our customer, that any workers on your project are insured and registered through the Workers Compensation Board. Also note that Wyga and any personnel representing our company on site, whether a direct employee or sub contractor, are covered under a $5,000,000.00 general liability insurance. No matter the problem that could arise, you and your project are safe with Wyga.