Meet the Team

Otto Wyga – President
As the Owner of Wyga Construction for almost 30 years, Otto has seen the development of the building industry over the past 3 decades. The “lnformation Age” has brought many welcome changes to home construction over this time. Becoming one of the first home builders to receive an R-2000 designation, and as a certified lCF (Insulated Concrete Form) installer, Otto has kept abreast of these improvements, always working with local experts to create the finest complete home package in the industry. Whether building Green, or keeping a job to as tight a budget as possible, he has the vision, creativity, and expertise to deal with you, our partner, in your exciting next step.

Ian O’Keefe – Construction Manager
lan O’Keefe is the backbone of your project with Wyga Construction. As the first person you will often deal with, lan has the skills and knowledge to guide you through the conceptualization and estimation of your future home or renovation. With a background in Civil Engineering, his knowledge of the ever changing product base of construction is unsurpassed. Prior to working at Wyga, lan lent his project management skills to environmental water containment projects worldwide, and brings his expertise of environmental impact to your build.

Seth Wyga – Lead Project Manager
Being the Lead Project Manager growing up in (and out of) the family business has given Seth a unique opportunity for a knowledge base and construction prowess that often surpasses his peers. Working as a Site Superintendent outside of Wyga Construction, he has had the opportunity to construct anything from schools and retirement complexes to high density residential condominium buildings. He understands the frustration of a project not meeting expectations, whether over budget, past schedule, or erroneous due to poor communication. The scale of your house, whether estate or lifestyle bungalow, may not be the same as an institutional building, or an apartment complex, but Seth holds that the most important concepts are identical. Clear communication begets clear expectations and results in a rewarding partnership between us the constructor, and you the owner.